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Who Is The Drip Alchemy Street-wear Brand?

Posted on February 11 2021



You’ll find yourself drawn to Drip Alchemy if you are a truth seeker, new wave of creators, innovator, and influencer. Here are just a few ways we collaborate with the universe to empower you to step out each day in sophisticated street-styles that are aligned with your higher perspective.


Universal Collaboration


Kritanya Dominique is more than a fashion designer. While she celebrates the casual-cool comfort of street style, she never designs with trends in mind. As an artist, designer, astronomer, and mystic she stimulates her subconscious with a philosophical creative process to manifest wearable works of art. The result is pieces that speak to your spirit and soul, elevating and empowering you in every way.


For The Change Makers


Drip Alchemy is part of the global revolution that turns to nature, astrology, alchemy, and inner truth to drive progress and transformation. Some might call us the rule-breakers, but we’re the critical thinkers. We never limit ourselves to the systems or boundaries that society has set for us or others and are constantly exploring our alternatives. We speak our truth and shine light where there is none. Our minds, hearts, and souls are open—which is why we explore every situation, knowing that our options are infinite.


Elevated Wardrobe Staples


Beyond the philosophy of our brand, we value quality. No matter your fashion aesthetic, we all have at least a few t-shirts and hoodies in our closet. While wardrobe staples, Drip Alchemy begins first with 100% ring-spun cotton or high-quality cotton polyester blends—preshrunk to maintain fit. This ensures that your clothing is soft, comfortable, and durable. Then we imprint are design each article of clothing to ensure it expresses your individual style, while maintaining an unpretentious vibe.


Just like the universe, our collection is constantly expanding and evolving. Our latest manifestation is our

Limited-Edition Sneakers

which are handcrafted in Italy.


Welcome to Drip Alchemy!