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What Does A Modern Alchemist Wear?

Posted on March 11 2021



As an alchemist, truth-seeker, and game-changer you trust in astrology, the elements, and the universe to guide you. You don’t fit neatly into any of the societal boxes that people want to assign you to. Some may mistake you for a rule-breaker, but you are a change maker. You are uniquely empowered because you understand that there’s no need to be limited to just one box.

What Does A Modern Alchemist Wear?

You can wear whatever you want! With your connection to universal energies, you will find yourself drawn to clothing that aligns with your spiritual side. If street style is your overall vibe, we invite you to browse the which perfectly blends street-wear with alchemy.

Each of our designs is made in collaboration with the universe and transferred to cozy and comfortable tees and hoodies so that you can rock your style while remaining aligned with your higher powers.

Society Can’t Tame The Spirit Of Someone Who Has Magic In Their Veins!

There are countless paths to where you are heading, but only you know which path is right for you. This isn’t to say you won’t run into obstacles along the way, as every bump in the road is there to teach us something you must learn once you arrive at our destination. Life is infinite, so even once you arrive, you’ll realize there is further you can go.

Drip Alchemy will be with you every step of the way!