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  Kritanya is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, creator, crypto investor, writer, traveler, and enthusiast for revealing what's hidden. She's the architect of Drip Alchemy. A fashion Brand for the wave of innovators and pioneers who want to bring a little business to the streets. She carries many accomplishments including patents, and trademarks, along with multiple years of experience in the real estate industry. At the age of 4, she won little miss petite USA and America's prettiest eyes. She says big deal do more ... get the job done. 
  She has the eye and the eyes. Thriving in creative environments she knows how to make things happen. Investing in her first home at the age of 21 while raising her daughter and going to college for university studies wasn't her only youthful experience. Her narrative is rich with stories that turned to wisdom; an Intuitive, futuristic, yet ancient woman understanding that well-behaved women rarely make history. Believing authenticity and originality bring more to the table and the planet is thirsty for it. 
  Appreciation for the finer things in life with a little edge like astrology, psychology, travel, yoga, coffee, and her Bengal cats just to name a few. She's witty, with a dry sense of humor. Values truth above all. With her Sun and Mercury in the 12th house, she has a personal link with the darker side and the subconscious mind. Nevertheless always wants to bring light to the unknown.